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Mica Group: Mineral information, data and localities.

A group of sheet silicates that can be parted into flexible or brittle sheets. Includes the True Micas and the Brittle Micas. Also known as the 'mica ...

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Mica is a naturally occurring mineral dust often used in makeup foundations, as filler in cement and asphalt, and as insulation material in electric cables. Workers in cosmetic manufacturing factories are at high risk of mica exposure through inhalation.

USGS Minerals Information: Mica

The mica group represents 37 phyllosilicate minerals that have a layered or platy texture. The commercially important micas are muscovite and phlogopite. Layering in the univalent (potassium, sodium), or true, micas imparts perfect basal cleavage, allowing crystals to be split into very thin sheets that are tough and flexible.

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1 MICA By James B. Hedrick Mica is a group of phyllosilicate minerals Individual company production and that have a layered or platy texture. The consumption data are withheld to avoid

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MICA Mineral Specimens: Mica Sheets, Mica Flakes, Mica Plates & Mica Books Mineral Specimens of all Mica varieties Try our Natural Mica Specimens Satisfaction Guarantee - compare our prices and our superior quality. Click on any mica image below to enlarge it.

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Mica is a key ingredient in mineral makeup, giving us the natural, glowing look that we have come to love in mineral makeup. It has been used for decoration from the time we have lived in caves. In fact, mica is not only in mineral makeup but in most makeup products on the market today.

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The micas are an important group of minerals. They represent the classic phyllosilicate mineral and are usually the first minerals to be thought of from this subclass of the Silicates Class. Micas are significant rock forming minerals being found in all three rock …

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The mica mineral group includes 34 phyllosilicate minerals, all with a layered, platy texture. The mineral has been known for millennia: Mica was first mined in India about 4,000 years ago, where it was used primarily in medicines.

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Mica is a mineral that is commonly used in the electrical industry, to produce shingles and other building materials, and to prepare samples for microscopy.

Mica Mineral Types - Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

Biotite, or black mica, has a high percentage of iron (up to about 25%), which causes its usual black color; it is also high in magnesia, and so is often called magnesia-iron mica. On account of its dark color and high percentage of iron, which lowers its insulating power, it is not often merchant-able.

The Mica Group of Silicate Minerals

Mica is a metamorphic mineral. The many variations come from the diverse ways it formed. Mica formations are associated with volcanoes and hydrothermal vents. Characteristics. The most easily recognizable characteristic are the thin crystal layers. With many micas the sheets peel off in thin transparent layers due to mica's perfect cleavage.

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Muscovite mica: The mineral Muscovite information and pictures

Muscovite is the most common form of mica.Its name is derived from "Muscovy Glass", which describes thick sheets of transparent mica that were once used as a glass substitute in Russia.

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The mica minerals are distinguished by their perfect basal cleavage, which means that they are easily split into thin, often transparent, sheets. Two micas, biotite, and muscovite, are so common that they are considered rock-forming minerals. The rest are relatively uncommon, but phlogopite is the most likely of these to be seen in the field.

Muscovite Mineral | Uses and Properties

Muscovite is the most common mineral of the mica family. It is an important rock-forming mineral present in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks . Like other micas it readily cleaves into thin transparent sheets.

Lepidolite Mica - Mineral and Healing Properties

Lepidolite is an uncommon mica and has only in the past decade become available on the mineral market in large quantities. It is stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It has a strong relaxing, balancing and calming effect.

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The Mineral Mica: Mica is a generic name for a group of silicate minerals which, have chemical as well as physical traits. They are also referred to as sheet silicates since they occur in layers, each layer separate and distinct from the other.

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A mineral is a naturally occurring chemical compound, usually of crystalline form and not produced by life processes. A mineral has one specific chemical composition, whereas a rock can be an aggregate of different minerals or mineraloids. The study of minerals is called mineralogy.

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Mica, any of a group of hydrous potassium, aluminum silicate minerals. It is a type of phyllosilicate, exhibiting a two-dimensional sheet or layer structure.Among the principal rock-forming minerals, micas are found in all three major rock varieties—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

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Mica. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral, based on a group of silicate minerals composed of varying amounts of aluminum, potassium, magnesium, iron and water having thin sheet-like or plate-like structure with different composition and physical properties.

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A common ingredient in mineral makeup is mica. Mica is also used in construction materials that require the use of protective gear and masks when exposed, as …

Mica | Definition of Mica by Merriam-Webster

Mica definition is - any of various colored or transparent mineral silicates crystallizing in monoclinic forms that readily separate into very thin leaves. any of various colored or transparent mineral silicates crystallizing in monoclinic forms that readily separate into very thin leaves…

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"You'll find the same mineral ingredients -- titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and iron oxides -- in conventional products." Mineral makeup ingredients aren't simply mined, pulverized, and ...

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Muscovite | mineral | Britannica.com

Muscovite, also called common mica, potash mica, or isinglass, abundant silicate mineral that contains potassium and aluminum. Muscovite is the most common member of the mica group. Muscovite is the most common member of the mica group.

Mica | Define Mica at Dictionary.com

Mica definition, any member of a group of minerals, hydrous silicates of aluminum with other bases, chiefly potassium, magnesium, iron, and lithium, that separate readily into thin, tough, often transparent, and usually elastic laminae; isinglass. See more.

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Mica is a silicate mineral used in cosmetics for its brilliant or shimmering appearance, according to Wikipedia. The word "mica" is actually thought to be derived from …

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U-Makeitup is the largest wholesale supplier of cosmetic grade coloured micas in Europe. Our natural colourants are used in a wide variety of products including CP Soaps,M&P Soaps,eyeshadows,lipsticks,face paints,car paints, inks,plastics and much more...